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Houston sitting -black shirt-smallAs a Consultative Intuitive, Houston (Doc) Vetter has and can operate as any of the following and get immediate results:
Life Coach | Career Coach | Master Teacher | Success Coach | Spirituality | Miracles Coaching | Stress Management | Pain Management | Spiritual Counseling | Spiritual Healing | Energy Healing | Energy Psychology | Energy Medicine | Quantum Healing | Vibrational Healing | Holistic Health | Vibrational Innergetics(TM) |Stress Relief | Stress Reduction | Pain Elimination | Spirituality and Business | Spirituality and Law of Attraction | Law of Attraction | The Secret | Quantum Innergetics(TM) | Miracles

Here is the replay of a radio show with Kate Loving Shenk and we got results for 3 people. One for pain, one for Relationships and one for money. And we have testimony’s of people getting immediate improvement from just listen to this recording.


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