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The About Page or The I Love Me Page

Houston VetterHere is how the ‘I Love Me Page’ came about…I once had a Hypnosis office and an international speaker who was a friend was visiting me and as he walked around my office he stopped and asked, “Where’s your ‘I Love Me’ wall?”

He asked because we have been friends for a long time and any time he introduced me he would say, “This is Dr. Vetter and he has more letters after his name than alphabet soup. If he can’t help you get the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical help or goal you want, you might want to check to make sure you’re not six feet under.” (click here to read the I Love Me story!)

He said you need the ‘I Love Me’ wall so others can do one of two things. People want to have someone to point to when the tools you suggest get the desired results and they also want to have someone to point to when they don’t do the drills or get the skills and be able to say but he was a _______ (fill in the blank with something from the ‘I Love Me’ Wall.)

So I pulled out all my old Piled higher and Deepers, MS, BS, diplomas, certificates, ordinations, awards, memberships, etc. and put them all on a wall in my office… about 9 months after that the building burned and my “I Love Me” wall went up in smoke…

So on this page, which I hope doesn’t go up in smoke, I thought I’d list some of the different schools I’ve been too and some of the certificates, organizations and different trainings and skills I’ve had and been associated with through the years.

None of these are of any value to you as the reader other than a point of interest, because the value to you is in the application of the recommended tools to your life to give you the power or the control over your own life. We can’t do it for you. We can point you to and show you the tools and we can show you how to use the tools but you get to use the tools yourself.

Colleges and Universities
Pepperdine University – CA
Harding College – AR
University of Oklahoma – OK

Schools of Higher Learning
1st Institute of NLP/DHE – CA
Mindsight -GA
Human Performance Engineering -GA

2 PhDs (Psychology – Comparative Religions)
Divinity Degree
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

American Board of Hypnotherapy
National Guild of Hypnotherapy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Spiritual Technology’s Association

Certified Trainer Certifications
Matrix Energetics-Master Practitioner
HPE-Human Performance Engineering
DHE-Design Human Engineering
NLP-Neuro-Linguistics Programming
Hypnosis (Elman and Ericksonian)
PEAT-Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence
ADV-EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques (Advanced)
Yuen Method
Silva Mind Control
Silva UltraMind ESP

Other Training Modalities and certificates that are used
Energy Psychology
Energy Medicine
Energy Healing
Sports Psychology
ET- Emotrance
BSFF-Be Set Free Fast
TFT-Thought Field Therapy
TAT-Tappas Acupressure Technique
Meridian Therapies
Healing Touch
Qigong/Chi Kung
Quantum Touch
The Healing Codes
Quantum Entrainment-The Secret to Instant Healing
The Yuen Method
The Emotion Code
Illusion Conclusion
Quantum Innergetics

Let me stop the I Love Me Page for now and make the usual disclaimer I am not a Medical Doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. All processes are presented from the position of a coach, not a therapist. And per the FDA, these are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness. Please consult your medical doctor for modern allopathic remedies as all of these processes deal with the energetic nature of everything. As a Master Teacher these are educational in nature (even though Miracles and Magic happen when taught correctly).  While none of the processes we use have ever had any adverse effects, each individual is responsible for their own health. In other words each of us, you and I, are responsible to and for ourselves in the use and application of these tools. We use them at our own risk. Again, in no way and nowhere do we advocate you not to consult your medical doctor, we encourage you to do so. These teachings and tool are not alternative to modern medicine, they are complementary and designed to help the effectiveness of anything that you do. And as a friend of mine says, “If you do the drills, you will get the skills.”

You can use the tools to get the jewels as you learn what works best for you to balance your life.

To Your Best,

Doc Houston

Houston Vetter – DocResults

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