Deep PEAT Description by Zivorad M. Slavinski

This Deep PEAT description is a part of the techniques known as Spiritual Technology. There are two fundamental possibilities… for us as conscious human beings: dualistic and unified consciousness. Most human beings live predominantly on the dualistic plane, in which they see, perceive, and experience everything in opposites. It is always either/or, good or bad, destroying or creating, advancing or retreating, freedom or slavery, love or freedom, life or death, I or you… endlessly…

In this Deep PEAT description we want you to know,connected with this dualistic consciousness is this strange fact: All of us have one most fundamental problem in life. Mystic masters say… that if we do not resolve this problem we will have to return to work further on the same fundamental problem in further lifetimes. Now, using the Deep PEAT process, it is possible to solve that problem across all of your lifetimes.

To fully understand a Deep PEAT description it is important to know six years ago I created Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT) from different Spiritual disciplines, contemporary methods of Energy Psychology and my own experiments. Shortly after its creation I made an essential creative breakthrough… which allows you to transcend dualistic consciousness and to effectively solve hard-core problems – most importantly, your core, fundamental life problem which we are discussing in this Deep PEAT description.

My presentations of PEAT were very well received at the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference in November 2000 and at European Energy Psychology Conference in Switzerland in July 2001. In USA, England, Italy, Holland and other countries I led more then 50 highly successful workshops. Thus today PEAT is internationally well known and considered to be the cutting edge technology.

Here are some specifics on the Deep PEAT description… In processing you start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quite different content in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with (or if you prefer, the highest cause of it). The sessions last from fifteen minutes to two hours, averaging thirty to fifty minutes. When you get to the deepest cause, the problem vanishes for good. At the moment you discover your Primes there is a Neutralization of opposites. You see one Primordial Polarity in another and vice versa. You become ONE. You are one with the Cosmos.

Most importantly, in this Deep PEAT description all it takes is one to three sessions of Deep PEAT Processing to uncover, make conscious, and Neutralize your Primordial Polarities (“Primes”). Neutralization of your Primes solves your most fundamental problem forever. You can’t avoid this resolution even if you want to. This process liberates a human being from the deadly grasp of fundamental forces of duality. Very few people (including practitioners of Energetic Therapy and related approaches) know anything about this process.

To better understand the Deep PEAT description it is valuable to know the Primes are very simple and basic. Here are some examples: Good and Bad, Approaching and Retreating, Creating and Destroying, Potential and Actual, I and Not-I, I and Others, Tiny and Endless, Power and Powerlessness, Material and Divine, This World and Other World etc.

What is the value of this experience?

Exaltation (would “rapture” be a better word here?) doesn’t last long, it’s true. But your whole life becomes clear to you. You will realize the game of life you used to play in many different variations, unconsciously and compulsively. You are set free from your main compulsions. You could still play the same games, but now you can choose other games as well. You have freedom to… and freedom from…

Further, after uncovering and Neutralizing your Primes you become more conscious of new and old problems, but all your problems are solved much more quickly. Their structure often follows your fundamental game of life in endless variations, which you will now be able to perceive.

Until recently only a small, selected, number of people knew about this process. The reason for this is simple: Neutralization of one’s Primordial Polarities was a secret for many centuries, within systems such as Tarot, Middle Age alchemy and 19th century occultism. Taoism and Zen clearly appreciate this process. The Kabbalah is about Neutralization of Opposites. You must Neutralize these Primordial Polarities and bring your own consciousness to the central point encompassing both, to the so-called Middle Pillar. In its quintessence, alchemy is about Neutralization of polarities. Advaita Vedanta, one of the most profound systems of practical philosophy, speaks only about non-duality.

The most important activity for Spiritual development and for everyday life as well, is to Neutralize your Primordial Polarities. This Neutralization is the only way to solve your most fundamental problem. Practicing different spiritual disciplines allows you to disengage from or de-energize that problem for a short time, but eventually it is re-stimulated. When you address the problem with Deep PEAT Processing, you become acutely aware that your earlier life was a series of compulsive and unconscious oscillations from one Primordial Polarity to another. Of course, Neutralization of Primordial Polarities doesn’t solve all your problems, just the most fundamental one. We all have many other problems based on dualities, but they will be solved much more easily and quickly with other PEAT process.

Neutralization of Primordial Polarities is not the end of our adventure with PEAT. After Neutralization some of us have opened our awareness into the so-called Great Space (Quantum Vacuum, Tao, Source of All, Void, Sunyata…) or corridors to parallel universes. We are standing on the shore, anxious to perceive what is waiting for us across the oceans of eternity.

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