Deep PEAT and Deep PEAT III/IV (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence)

Of all the tools I recommend, Deep PEAT is one of the tools with my highest recommendation. Not only do I personally offer it as the deepest and fastest way to start and achieve your potential but from my perspective it is the number one most effective process I have found to date. It can be done in one or two, one hour sessions or less and it affects the rest of your life.

Deep PEAT is different from Shallow PEAT, which you can get a free copy of here. Where Shallow PEAT is a therapeutic tool Deep PEAT is a therapeutic tool and more… It truly is a Spiritual Technology. More Deep PEAT Articles!

It can be subtle and it is always far reaching in the changes it makes in your life. PEAT goes to your very core and aligns your original polarities so that they work together instead of causing you to go throughout your life as the effect of a compulsion. The biggest challenge to overcoming suffering, pain, disease and discomfort is changing compulsions into choices.

When we neutralize our fundamental compulsion (*which is ALWAYS outside of our conscious awareness) many, many, many of our other problems begin to loose their support and fall away. Read the testimonials.

From a therapeutic point of view Deep PEAT is a bargain because it works on two issues at one time and affects multiple issues long term. It deals with whatever problem or challenge that is facing you at the present moment and also with the core fundamental problem that is the foundation of pretty much every problem in your life.

Once you have neutralized and integrated your Primes (very first set of polarities, the first set of opposites) this does not mean that you will no longer face problems, challenges, and difficulties. It means that you will have more freedom and choice on how you respond to the problems, challenges and difficulties that show up in your life.

That is where Deep PEAT III comes into play…

Because we live in the realm of Duality (Relativity according to Einstein) we will always be faced with polarities that can be out of alignment for us. Deep PEAT III is a tool that we can use to integrate ANY set of polarities/opposites which give us more and more choice and freedom.

Scale (0-low to 5-high)

How effective is it? Effectiveness 5
How much time does it take? Time 1
What is the cost compared to the effectiveness and time? Cost 2-3 

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