An Introduction to Spiritual Technology

Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT)

Hello and welcome to this introduction to Spiritual Technology! As my Grampa Vetter would say, “Now, that’s the way to start an introduction.”

Not everyone likes it or wants to accept it but everybody knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Most of us have wonder at some time or another, what would it be like if we could actually understand how spirituality works. I mean to the point where we could apply it systematically and get the results that we have read or heard about from so many different sources. Then along comes Spiritual Technology.

(Spirituality – that part of us that is connected to the more than, the greater than. That aspect that surrounds, penetrates, interpenetrates, makes up and holds everything.)

Many of us have heard stories or have traveled around the world to sit at the feet of this guru or that one or one person after another. Hoping what that spiritual person has will rub off on us. We have taken classes and workshops that range from two hours to two weeks or longer. All the while, hopin,’ praying and thinking, “Maybe, just maybe I’ll find the key this time that will be the real deal.”

We seek knowledge and we sure find a lot if it. We’ve all been there and done that in some form or fashion. The missing key is that the answer is not in knowledge, it is in the experience. And experience doesn’t care how we explain it (knowledge), just that we experience it and that is where Spiritual Technology comes in…

As a seeker of self-awareness, a trainer, teacher, pastor and a Spiritual and Business Coach for over 25 years I’ve been on both sides of the above dilemma. Back when I was a pastor, every Sunday in the pulpit dispensing knowledge and no one going out and applying the knowledge to get experience, not even myself, it got frustrating.

It got so bad that I stopped being a pastor and kept working with individuals and businesses because I knew at least, there would be some accountability to getting results. As a person who wanted to provide the best to the most, I was still searching, studying, experimenting and looking for a way for others to deliberately experience transformation and/or enlightenment. I wanted more than just to help people heal and not be stuck in their problems. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t care about healing as I realized healing is a side effect of transformation or enlightenment.

That’s when I met a Serbian psychologist who had been on the same journey but going up different roads. Where I was moving toward spiritual experience in what is now called Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Energy Healing or Energy Therapy modalities, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski was working from a polarities concept of spirituality. What Zivorad discovered, which the Taoist of old understood, was that everything has its’ opposite right there with it. But Zivorad figured out a way to harmonize the opposites.

Now consider Spiritual Technology in western thinking. From the western point of view good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate, here and there, etc. are two separate and distinct events from each other. In eastern thinking they are not. They are different views of the same thing.

I like to use the example of a quarter, you have a heads (good) and a tails (bad), while we all want to be good that is just the head side of the coin. To be able to spend the quarter or even to save it and for the quarter to have any value at all both sides must be there and they must be aligned and integrated into a coin.

What Zivorad has done with Spiritual Technology, that is brilliant is discover a way to find, uncover and integrate one’s primordial polarities. Primordial polarities are the very first set of polar charges that we develop as we come into existence. They are the original set of poles, the primary set called primes. The process is called Deep PEAT. After Deep PEAT as we only have one set of primes, Deep PEAT III gives use the ability to align and integrate any set of polarities we choose.

Where other Energy Methods work on removing the resistance or block that has stopped the energy flow, working with one side of a polarity pair, PEAT works with aligning and integrating the pair of polarities, which automatically removes the constriction in the energy flow.

Here is a little knowledge about Spiritual Technology that may help. To describe the theory of how this works I usually use the analogy of electrical energy. Just as our homes have electrical lines that run energy behind the walls so do our bodies. If the light is out in the bathroom the first thing we do is change the light bulb and if that doesn’t work BEFORE we call the electrician we go out to the circuit breaker box and if you are like me they aren’t labeled so we flip every circuit once or twice and usually the lights comes on.

What has happened is somewhere along the electrical line the energy was constricted, disrupted or blocked. In other words resistance was applied. Why it happened is not as important as to how it happened and how to remove the constriction. That is where using the circuit breakers come in. Just like we have circuit breakers for our houses we also have circuit breakers for our physical body home.

These circuit breakers are used in both the Energy Modalities and also Spiritual Technology. Spiritual Technology has two basic levels. It works on the level of the mental-emotional and the level of the spiritual. I like to show it this way.

Physical Level – Energy Medicine, Energy Healing… (Donna Eden, Healing Codes, etc.)
Mental-Emotional Level – Energy Psychology, Energy Healing… (Shallow PEAT, EFT, TFT)
Spiritual Level – Deep PEAT, Deep PEAT III

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