Three Levels of Emotional Freedom – Which One Are You On?

Someone asked, “Can Spiritual Living lead to emotional freedom?” I suspect there are different levels. They were also referring to many spiritual terms that have the same idea behind them:

  • Christian – The peace that passes all understanding
  • Buddhist – Enlightenment
  • Richard Maurice Bucke – Cosmic Consciousness
  • Zen – Satori
  • Yoga – Samadhi or Moksha
  • Sufi – Fana
  • Taoism – Wu or Ultimate Tao
  • Gurdjieff – Objective Consciousness
  • Sri Aurobindo – Illumination, Liberation, self-realization
  • Dante – Trans-humanization into a God

All the states above depict emotional freedom, at least to the point of not having an emotion “hook you” or an emotion stay stuck in the energy field or held in the physical body as a symptom.

One level releases the hook/block(s) certain emotions have on the individual. That doesn’t mean that the individual can’t be hooked again by that emotion (aspects, etc. or different issues all together).

This level usually deals with what we term negative, bad or less than useful emotions, giving one control over specific negative emotions in specific situations.

(The above level we could call remedial emotional freedom most of the energy psychology’s and energy medicines or energy healing protocols work, and are designed to work, on the remedial level.)

In other words the remedial level gets one “freedom from” something but not “freedom to” what is really wanted. Usually, the “freedom from” is so strong that “freedom to” hasn’t even been considered. The remedial level usually deals with what someone does not want but does not deal with what someone does want.

The next level, in addition to processes (energy psychology, energy medicine or energy healing) that remove the unwanted state, must add in processes designed to help one to get what they want (NLP, Silva Mind, Hypnosis, Accelerated Success Strategies, etc.)

However the spiritual experiences mentioned above are states where the individual is emotionally free from both sides of the emotional charge. Some might call it a higher level of emotional freedom. (I don’t know if it is higher or not, I can attest that it is a different emotional freedom that the levels already mentioned.)

This level usually deals with what we would term both negative emotions AND their polar opposites, giving one generative control over all emotions.

(This level we could call generative emotional freedom. The only energy psychology I know of that works generatively and equal too many of the states mentioned above would be PEAT – a Spiritual Technology for Solving Problems

I suspect that any level is helpful, enjoyable and useful. On the other hand something like PEAT or DP3/4 gives you more than emotional freedom, it gives you FREEDOM of EMOTIONS (Freedom of choice) – where you get to choose how much charge you want to put into a particular emotion or if you want to put any charge in it at all-much like the states described above. More Deep PEAT Articles!

In fact two of the benefits of PEAT are

  1. solving your fundamental life problem (this covers lifetimes) and
  2. it changes your personality (fills in).

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