[VIDEO] Everything is Energy-This Is How You Look

heart-fieldEverything in Life is made out of Energy. Everything is energy and and energy is always flowing between polarities. Torsion Fields, which look like a doughnut from the side view and a vortex from the top view. That is how the energy moves. The video below will has great visuals of how the energy moves.

Everything from a thought to an atom to a cell to a black hole to radio waves all follow this pattern. This video shows different views or different perspectives of how torsion fields flow.

One of the torsion fields that effects humans is the torsion field of the heart. Otherwise known as HeartSpace™ 

Everything is Energy -This Is How You Look

Here is a You Tube Video that shows all the different angles and views of what your energy is doing all the time. Once you learn to master the energy fields of your mind-body system you will be closer to the happiness, health and wealth you want.

Since everything is energy, there are simply easy ways to take advantage of torsion fields and especially the HeartSpace™ torsion field.

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