Personal Phone Consultations with Houston “DocResults” Vetter

Initial Personal Phone Consultations 60 Minutes (email copy of your invoice to docresults @ to get your intake form to schedule your initial appointment)

Personal Phone Consultations 30 Minutes

Here is your opportunity to get immediate results in any area you desire, physical, financial, mental, emotional,or spiritual. Get immediate improvement in any area health, wealth, relationships, or career. Improve your physical, financial, mental, emotional, psychological, physics or spiritual well being for yourself, family members, friends, or pets. Resolve your issue, problem or challenge in just 1 to 3 consultations.

Wherever you are Houston can help you, even if you are wanting experiences of enlightenment, waking up or Non-duality with his Lucid Living™, Identity Shifting™, Vibrational Innergetics™ and Spiritual Technology modalities. Contact us for information on experiencing these states of consciousness that are pointed to and spoken of down through all spiritual traditions.

Why do people, patients, businesses people, companies and corporations consult with Houston?

As a modeler Houston has multiple Piled Higher and Deepers (PhD’s) and  Master Teacher level certificates in over 30+ different modalities. As a Consultative Intuitive he has over 30 years of experience helping individuals, couples, patients and businesses get immediate results and solve their problems and challenges, while getting what they want in life.

Often people come to Houston as a last resort, after trying all kinds of pain management, disease control and numerous other things that become a financial burden because of the cost of treatment and duration of time that is associated with most forms of recovery.

The methods that Houston uses work on the energy level from a quantum and consciousness level so instead of time being an issue immediate improvement and results is the normal expectation and results.

Recover on the spot. Get immediate results. Instant Improvement. That is why people and businesses consult with Houston.