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Business meeting.By getting 1 to 3 ridiculously easy referral sales from just one networking meeting each and every week…

  • How much pressure would that take off of you?
  • What would be the number on your happiness meter?
  • How much better would your relationships with others be?
  • How many networking meets would you attend?
  • How pleased would your employer be?
  • How happy would your loved ones be?
  • How much happiness can you stand?

And this is just using one technique at one time from the Successful Professionals Series using our how to ‘Make The Most Out of Networking Meetings’ technique. And that is only going to one network meeting a week. Imagine going to one a day. That’s 5 to 15 easy referral sales every week. That is 20 to 60 sales a month.

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What if you went to more than one networking meeting a day? Imagine the possibilities.

The reason Dr. Vetter developed this program is after years of running the referral-resources list and informing people of where all the networking meetings were he noticed a real strange thing.

People would go to networking meetings, they would have a good time and within a month or two they would not show up and if they did they were working for another company or they were looking for a job.

It didn’t make sense there was all this business in the room and people were not getting any of it and their job performance and self-esteem were suffering because of it.

Then the economy turned bad and more and more people started having poorer and poorer job performance and worry, fear and stress were at an all time high.

So Dr. Vetter went to the experts in the business network meeting industry (not network marketing-MLM) and learned what they had to teach. He noticed it did not get the results that he had been getting, 1 to 3 referral sales out of every networking meeting he was in.

So he started training some of his sales students and the more networking meetings they went to, the more money his students were making.

So Dr. Vetter put the training course together so that you can repeat the same success as everyone who has applied the ‘Networking 101 – How To Get 1 to 3 Referral Sales Each and Every Week’ system gets.

I’m not waiting, I want my easy sales/referrals NOW.

OK, it’s a good thing to know you can get that many referral sales each and every week, week end and week out, right? So let me ask you…

How much is one referral sale worth to you? $100, $200, $300, how much money do you make when you get a referral sale?

Now multiple that by 20 to 60 referrals/sales a month!

If you could use this skill in any business would you start your own business?

Do you have a part-time business if you could get 20 to 60 referral sales a month for your part-time business how much more money would you make?

Based not only on the amount of money you could make in a year using this one technique,business team with globe when you add-in the freedom and sense of security this will give you… it is a real bargain at $495. (That’s the cost of a private coaching session with Dr. Vetter.)

The live training cost $395 per person but you don’t have to pay that.

The retail price for the recorded training course Networking 101 – How To Get 1 to 3 Referral Sales Each Week is $295

And right now you can get your own personal copy of the Networking 101 course and you won’t even pay $395 or $295 and you get something that those who were in the original training courses don’t even get. Besides the manual that has everything laid out in it …

You also get the recordings of the training course and the reason you want the recording of these training sessions is so that you can listen to them over and over because as you do you find something new each time you listen which lets you know you are getting it at a deeper and deeper level.

And the more this becomes your natural way of doing things the easier it all gets and it is pretty easy right now.

The cost for those who are  free members of the referral resources list is normally $295and we have a deep discount for our preferred members.

And right now, until the end of the month it is not going to cost you $295

Not even $200

As an Introductory successful professional courtesy your investment to learn how to make 1 to 3 referral sales guaranteed each week from any one networking meeting is…

Only $179.00 (preferred members price) get it at this price before it goes up.

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