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I mean real deep Spiritual Awakening with increased spiritual awareness, all the while picking up the skill to learn how to fix physical, mental and emotional problems using spiritual healing methods.

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Dear Friend,

I bet you have never had spiritual healing training where you could get to the place where…

nothing really hooks you or gets you upset

…or when you realized you were hooked by the news, the situation or what someone else did or said you could easily unhook yourself and clarity about everything was your normal state of being?

You know that type of clarity that people would hope spiritual healing schools would provide. That type of clarity and peace that people attribute to Tibetan monks after years and years of meditation. How would you like to have that without even meditating?

You may have heard the old spiritual statement everything is perfect in its imperfection but you have never ever felt what that feels like. How would you like to feel that?

How would your life be different if you could actually change how you feel about negative stuff and at the same time shift the negative stuff so it could change to what you want?

How would that feel to do that every day, day in and day out? Can you picture how different your life would be?

Out of all the energy healing modalities, imagine learning one modality … of how to practice Self Healing, Healing and Organ Regeneration and wind up where you get the most beautiful gift in the world… the actual experience of Spiritual Awakening or what some call Enlightenment, Satori, Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or Oneness Consciousness. And on top of that learn exactly how to repeat the experience and make it more and more your daily state of being.

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Hello Doc,

Thank you for another exceptional workshop.  It is amazing for me to consider “where I was” when we started two workshops ago and “where I am” today. I not only learned a great deal, I got proficient in some processes and learned how to learn … and play here. There is a kind of sub text in your discussions and in there are the answers to most every question. I only need to recall the fundamental concepts.

During each session I learned directly from you and indirectly with creative ideas and inspirations that came to the surface in connection and through discussion. Even as we started to wrap-up the last module I hit a whole new level, realizing how limiting my interpretation of achieving the Creator’s Norm had been. Now I have another level in which to play, not just fixed … but BETTER!

With much appreciation from me the finite and me the infinite …


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