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How To Align With The Highest Truth And The Highest Good (Creator’s Norm) In Less Time Than It Takes To Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

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The Alignment Training

1)    Align And Know The Highest Truth And What To Do With It
2)    Know Your Highest Truth And Aligned With It
3)    Know Their Highest Truth And Aligned With It
4)    Align With The Creators Norm (i.e. the will of God, the Highest Good, the Universe, Spirit, The Void)

When you use the Aligning Process you naturally have more…

  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Assurance
  • Safety
  • Acceptance
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Financial Security
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Wisdom
  • Controllable Happiness
  • Healing Powers
  • Psychic Abilities
  • And Much, Much More

You’ll do the best thing (the right thing) every time with everybody.


Dear Friend,

Not very many people teach how to do this and some of the few that do teach it don’t know they are teaching you the 4 things listed above.

Here is a secret…

All of the above are easy and natural to ‘be, do and have’, AFTER you have aligned ‘you with YOU’. Once you are aligned with YOU, the highest truth and all truth is naturally revealed and it is not something separate from you or the Creator’s Norm. Aligning ‘you with YOU’ is easier than most think and more difficult than some think.

When you are aligned with the highest truth and the creator’s norm (the will of God), life changes, you no longer worry if what you are doing is working or if you can help someone. Whatever you do, you do with a sense of knowing (in your knower) this is what to do.

The benefits of taking this Alignment Training…

The Alignment Training Benefits

You’ll be better at …

  • Healing and being a healer (whatever modality you use)
  • Loving and being a lover (of others and life)
  • Helping and helping others and being helped by others
  • Relationships and loving and caring for others
  • Decision making
  • Handling the upsets of others and yourself
  • Finding the root cause of a problem and shifting it
  • Being both confident and competent
  • And much, much more…

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More More More…

Aligning ‘you with YOU’ is not about changing limiting beliefs, even though some of that takes place. It is deeper than your normal limiting belief. Aligning ‘you with YOU’ is about changing your core beliefs that create other limiting beliefs.

Alignment is a useful example of “Unconditional Love’ because, as aligning takes place and the more you create alignment (an on-going process) conditions and situations loses their emotional charge and what is normal for the creator naturally becomes your norm.

Trying to explain this in words, does not do it justice and yet,  after the experience of aligning ‘you with YOU’ these words take on way more fullness, as this is not like anything you’ve ever experienced before AND it is not like you would expect it to be either.

(Hint your expectations are based on your past experiences and since you have never experienced actual alignment of ‘you with YOU’, you don’t know what to expect; expect more joy and happiness).

Hopefully this explanation will help… right now you are held captive by your mind and you don’t know it. Your thinking doesn’t mean what you think it means; it means what you make it mean! (You’ll experientially understand this after you align ‘you with YOU’.)

Your mind creates judgments, aka beliefs with the promise that by accepting these judgments as the whole truth and nothing but the truth and without question that you will get what it is you want. What actually happens when you make something solid and unmovable like a judgment or a belief you GUARANTEE that you WILL NOT GET WANT YOU WANT. Judgments and beliefs lie, all the while telling you they will get you what you want. As my Grampa Vetter would ask, “How’s that been working for ya?”

What Do You Really Want?

Many of you want the 4 things at the beginning of this letter.  Others want the list of benefits listed above. And why do you want those things? Because having those things will make you feel good and feeling good makes you happy.

“Oh no Doc, I want those things because I’ll be able to help hurting people and a hurting world.”

I agree… that is true and how will that make you feel?

When you are able to actually help hurting people and a hurting world, how will that make you feel, better or worse?

Will it make you sad or happy?

How will it feel to actually experience knowing the highest truth, without guessing or hoping it happens?

How good will it feel, to clearly see the creator’s norm (i.e. the will of God) and watch it naturally unfold as a result of you aligning ‘you with YOU’ when you work with others?

Are you ready for a whole new world, a whole new way of living?

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This is not a passive workshop where you get good information. You will get that and you will get more than that, you will get actual experience. As a martial arts master, friend of mine says, “If you do the drills, you get the skills”.

You get the training on audio and a concise written manual that list the 41 core beliefs that must be changed and cleared so that your goals can be met and you can get what you want.

As Dr. Mary J. recently said, “The value of this training… priceless! “WHY?’ you ask. Because besides the benefits already listed this training is also a complete training that develops perfect Self-Esteem! So you are getting more than one training in The Alignment Training.”

Here is how I figure this. My hourly rate is $500-$750 per person for corporate training and $300 for individual training. To do a six hour training at my regular prices for 10 people for business would cost you $5000-$7500 and as an individual it would cost you $3000.

And since this training is so powerful, it will make you better at helping others, healing self and others, and more sure about every aspect of life I wanted to show how much I appreciate you wanting to learn this. So instead of the usual appreciation that would possible be a little high I thought, as my way of giving back, I’d do the training for less than one hour of my time even though the value of this training is more than 10x’s what I make in a year. After this training, you’ll be able to apply the Alignment Process to other areas of your life and see a profound shift there as well.

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To Your Best,

Dr. Vetter – DocResults

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