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 “How Would You Like To Learn To Make A Difference In The World So That Others Get Better And You Make A Comfortable Living?

How Would You Like To Do That From The Comfort Of Your Home?


So you’re not ‘a healer’… YOU STILL WANT THIS training as it can save you money, time, energy and effort. This training works just as well for money, relationships and happiness as it does for health and we show you how to use it for all those things as well.

Hi there!

Today’s class was most helpful as I believe that you zeroed in perfectly to a couple of my “blocks” with both the practice of ME and OR. I am expecting to see some wonderful shifts in practice.

Awesome! (Worth the price of admission as they say.)

As a student, I found it easier to focus than I expected. The three hours passed quickly.

Here’s to the play (and the lovely juxtaposition of all things Russian — often thought to be quite serious — and joyful play).

Thank you. I really appreciate the opportunity to walk through this in an interactive way. The ability to essentially stop action, go back and ask questions is priceless. See ya next week!


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Dear Friend,

Even if you already are a healer imagine… being more effective, knowing which tool to use at the right time and getting results faster. Wouldn’t that draw more people to you and they would show their gratitude by supporting you financially while you support their wellness?

How would your life be different if you could actually…

change how you feel about negative stuff and at the same time shift the negative stuff so it could change to what you want!

Alright, let’s say you don’t want to be happier and have things start to work out better for you and the world. Let’s say you are comfortable with the way things seem to be and you just want some energy healing classes to change one or two things… For example all you want to do is learn an energy healing technique to heal a particular problem or regrow some hair or regenerate an organ or two. Maybe you want more harmony in your love life or your family life. Then you want to get this program.

Why listen to me?

Besides all the testimonials on this page and all those we haven’t put here… My name is Dr. Houston Vetter and I’ve been in, what a world class trainer calls, the “Teaching Others How To Live Happily Ever After” Business for over 25 years. I am what is called a modeler.  A modeler models the unconscious skills of excellence and then teaches and trains other to be able to get the same results as the model of excellence. If you want to be happy, healthy, even wealthy our training programs are designed for you.

Here is how a world class modeler explains it… “A modeler hunts down and find everything that claims to be cutting edge in getting the results people want. There are tons of stuff out there to go through, Dr. Vetter has Mastery Level teaching and training in over 35 different modalities that actually work.”

This training is what is called a basic healers training. It is not everything, as you can’t teach everything to the level of excellence in only one training. It takes a lot of different understandings and experiences for you to get to the level of unconscious mastery. And the one thing I can promise is after you take this training and practice you will become competent enough to make a difference in your and others world and you can begin making a comfortable living from doing so.

Basic Healers Training Program

Inside the Basic Healers Training Program, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember and so have my students):

What aspect of your life do you want to heal first?

  • Money/Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Age/Future
  • Occupation/Career
  • Life Purpose

Which part of your body would you like to regenerate, renew and add more youth and vitality too?

  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Organs (kidney, liver, gall bladder, sexual, etc.)
  • Glands (adrenal, thyroid, pancreases, ovaries, etc.)

What area could you use the most transformation?

  • The way you feel
  • The way you look
  • The way you handle money
  • Relating with people you love
  • Relating with people at work
  • Your mental attitude

And Then There’s More…

Do it all that from the comfort of your home!

Listen to What Others Are Saying As To Why You Should Get This Training Now…

Are You A…

  • Light-worker
  • Healer
  • Helper
  • Caregiver
  • Aid to a Loved One
  • Salesperson
  • Manager
  • Company Owner
  • Employee
  • Spouse
  • Parent

What would it feel like to add these skills to what you do?

Instead of…

  • Having to interrupt your life and figuring out if you have the time available… then
  • make arrangements to get off work, probably using vacation time, to go to a seminar… then
  • call the airlines and make reservations and at the same time
  • call some hotel in a strange city to reserve a room to stay in and don’t forget
  • reserve transportation
  • pay for the workshop
  • pack your bags
  • drive to the airport
  • go through Airport Security
  • spend time cramped in what looks like a Pringle’s potato chip can with wings and a tail
  • spend money on an unfamiliar hotel room
  • spend money on hotel food
  • etc., etc., etc.

    Don’t waste all that time, inconvenience and money that it would cost you to do all that and instead save time, trouble and money by going to the workshop right in the comfort of your own home?

And even better…

What if the training was broken up into 4 parts so you could practice in-between sections and get feedback to improve as you go along?

Module 1: Foundational Fundamental self-work

Module 2: Self-Healing and Healing of others

Module 3: Specific Organ Regeneration processes

Module 4: Transformation and putting it all together

This training is a combination of lots of stuff…

  • The Russian New Knowledge/Organ Regeneration material is taught throughout the whole program
  • Every module contains RNK/OR specifically designed for the module
  • Module 1 & 2 are for working with self and others
  • Module 3 is for working with others
  • Module 4 wraps it all up and continues to put it together for you

…And All that is in the Basic Healers Training Program

The normal cost of attending one of our programs are usually between $795-$995 which is not a bad deal from a business stand point. What college or trade school could you go learn a trade or skill you could use for the rest of your life and actually make a living with? Even at a discount to $595 for one training that is a good deal.

Because I want to help you, here is what I am willing to do for you now… I may decide to raise the price because of how valuable this information truly is… and for right now, here is what we are going to do… Instead of $995 or $795 or even $395 you can get the Basic Healers Training Program for only $295.

Right now we are still accepting people into the certification program where you not only can help others, you can be certified to teach the material in a way where your students actually can get results.

So go ahead and Clicking the Add To Cart button below now to start learning how to naturally get the results you want and start the process of developing more health, wealth and wisdom:

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“Customer’s Testimonial”

Hi Doc,

First of all THANK YOU for the wonderful webinar!!! It was so easy to follow along! Your method of teaching made it easy to incorporate with Matrix Energetics & Yuen Method! OR seems to be the icing on the cake!

I just used the process with the four spheres and the creator’s stream of light on a new born puppy who’s neck was out of place from the mom picking her up, and her neck went back into place. This was distance work, and they were amazed by it. They had taken the pup to a chiropractor before I worked on her, and he wasn’t sure what could be done.

Also, I’ve used it on a dog that had pyometra, very life threatening. Her owner didn’t know what to do, so I used the numbers along with the processes, and miraculously she is alive! The toughest part was getting the people to trust the process would work, but they were in a losing situation, so they did! There were some things that happened during her healing that they almost freaked about, but I convinced them to not give up. They wanted to put her down. Her leg actually opened pretty wide allowing the infection to drain from her body. All healed within a matter of a week!

I’ve also been using it on my 102 year old grandmother. She had a broken leg, will learn tomorrow how it has healed. For the pain, the doctor had her on codeine, which caused her to almost go out of her mind. I worked with her using the OR processes and was able to detox her eliminating the nasty withdrawal symptoms she was experiencing. After working with her leg while she was sleeping, she awoke telling everyone her leg wasn’t broken. Any pain she had was also gone.

I have had great results with much more, but wanted to get something back to you ASAP. My schedule has been overflowing lately, but I have been able to accomplish more than what seems possible.

Thanks again, I enjoyed the webinar immensely! Thanks for all you do!!!

Create wonderful days,



Hi Doc,

Here is a testimonial from me:

“The information was well presented with just the right amount of written material, not too much, not too little. I was able to listen to the lectures afterwards while driving in my car using my iPod and also able to watch the videos on my computer. This makes it possible to continue my studies of the material and practice on my own schedule in order to become the most proficient that I can become.”

I am still up in Oregon for now.



Hi Doc,

These are some of my comments on the Organ Regeneration webinar:

I have taken many different healing classes and became interested in the Russian New Knowledge (Organ Regeneration) when I saw an announcement for a class that was being held on another island. I don’t like to travel off-island to attend a class, so I was really glad to see that you were offering the Self-Healing Organ Regeneration class by webinar. The class was well presented and gave us many tools to use in healing ourselves and others. You also showed us how to do calibration which was a very helpful part of the class even though it is not part of the Russian New Knowledge. The manual had enough detail in it and made it easy to follow along with the class.

I especially liked having the audios and videos of the 4 modules because it allowed us to review what went on during the class. Many times in a regular class situation you have to try to absorb what is being said and take notes at the same time, and in doing so you miss what is being said next.

It worked out well to have the modules split over 4 days so we had time to try out the techniques and to review the information to determine if we had more questions. All in all, this was a very worthwhile class and I can see many ways of applying it. Thank you for offering the class in this format.

With warm aloha,

Claire Araki

To Your Best,

Dr. Houston Vetter, PhD

P.S. Remember, there is so much you can do with this material. You can save money on medical and hospital bills, you can make extra income as a part-time healer, you can make money as a full time ‘change agent’ and you can become more spiritually awakened which will make you happier and happier and happier.

P.P.S. Take advantage of this right now because the Healers Certification Program is filling up fast and you want to be able to be able to get certified to use this training to help others.

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