Oneness As Duality – Oneness Training™

“How Soon Would You Like to Facilitate or Be A Catalyst For Change, Transformation, Miracles and Healing Just By Your Presence?”

Did you know… It Is A Skill and You Can Learn It?

Dear New Friend,

I would like to ask you…

How good would it feel to be able to make a difference in someone’s life and yours at the very same time?

Would it make you feel…
  • less deserving or more deserving?
  • less capable or more capable?
  • less secure or more secure?
  • less valuable or more valuable?
  • less free or more freedom?
  • Etc.

And Then There’s More…

There are people in the world right now, just like you that are able to energetically and vibrationally shift people’s energy so that change, transformation, miracles and healing happen without them doing much of anything.

I think all of them are doing a wonderful job helping people. And I am sure you know some of them. Some are called gurus, some say they are not gurus; some are called Avatars, some are called Spiritual Masters, Spiritual Healers and other types of names. Most of them say what they do is a gift.

There is one thing that none of them are doing yet…

I will not disagree that what they do qualifies as a gift. However where I differ is, from where I sit it can be called a gift and more importantly it IS A LEARNABLE SKILL and anyone can learn the skill and use it as a gift and I can teach you how to have the gift (skill) in our Lucid Living programs!

Yes, I’m convinced. Take me to the program options now.

I’ll go so far as to say Divinity wants you to

learn this skill so you can gift others.

Here are some of the actual survey responses people said they wanted and this training delivers…

  • The skill to execute plans so you and others can be successful… we deliver
  • get out of my own way….I cannot help anyone else if I cannot help myself first… we deliver
  • help others be successful… we deliver
  • Is self-confidence and believing in oneself a skill? If yes, than that’s the answer… we deliver
  • awareness, being present in the moment and paying attention to details… we deliver
  • Etc. … we deliver

More Survey Response That We Deliver…

These are exact responses taken directly from the survey.

  • acceptance and detachment
  • trusting myself
  • Gaining self confidence and self esteem to tackle the new things I need to accomplish to live the life I want to lead
  • Communicating What Is so that what I intend is what is understood.
  • Ability to detach from results.
  • Self confidence to believe in myself that I’m able to achieve what I want.
  • To be able to honestly re-evaluate and adjust yourself constantly.
  • more training in spiritual techniques that will help others move forward in their lives
  • health
  • a strong desire to serve, a big heart
  • Better focus and direction.
  • Becoming aware enough of spiritual needs of others to be able to help them
  • Confidence, Patience and a plan
  • self awareness
  • And WE DELIVER much, much more

The value we are offering you today is beyond anything you have ever heard before. And I know that is a big claim and yet this is the most revolutionary life changing program available today. Here are what people have said about our past training’s and these training courses go beyond even our past training.

 OK this makes sense. How do I get in now?

I’m ready. Sign me up now.

You are cordially invited to Lucid Living Level 1 & 2 Individual One-On-One Training.

You will learn the 3 extraordinarily unique forgotten components that make all the difference in you waking up from the dream you call reality and you will learn how to make them your normal way of life while also learning the skill of facilitating change, transformation, miracles and healing for others and yourself .

There are 3 Levels for Lucid Living catalyst and facilitator training.

Lucid Living™ Level I is a 3 module One-on-One training course that helps you understand and get the ideas, concepts and techniques that make it easy to naturally be the vibrational frequencies that cause change, transformation, miracles and healings to take place. You will learn Identity Shifting™. In between each module you will have homework that you will practice and keep a journal. You will email copies of your homework as you move through the process. Retail Price $300/module. Special Discount Price $395 for Level I training

Lucid Living™ Level II is a 3 module One-on-One training course where you will learn specific Vibrational Innergetic™ skills that help you secure your newly activated abilities while at the same time learning how to directly shift the vibrational frequencies of those you are working with and takes you deeper in the art of vibrational alignment through Vibrational Innergetics™. Retail Price $300/module. Special Discount Price $795 for Level I & II training.

Lucid Living™ Level III is a One-on-One set of three Individual sessions designed to take you deeper into the actual Oneness-Enlightenment experience that underlies all of the Lucid Living™ programs and help you to have a fuller experience of being a catalyst and facilitator of change, transformation, miracles and healings. (To take Level III you must have been to at least one Level I training) Retail Price $300/session. Special Discount Price if signed up during Level I & II $700.

Training Investment: Click on the links below…

Lucid Living Level 1, 2 & 3

Level 1 & 2-$795,

Level 1-$395
Repeat Level 1 & 2-$400
Level 3 One-On-One Usually $900 Seminar Special $700 If booked before end of Level II training.

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PS. Remember, I’m no one special and yet change, transformation, miracles and healings follow me wherever I go and the same can be true for you when you make Lucid Living™ your way of life and your joy and happiness will be off the charts.

PPS. If you really want to help others and yourself in a meaningful way this one of a kind training is definitely for you.