EFT On Steroids – Basic PEAT

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Basic PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) has been called EFT on Steroids. The process can allow any person learning the basics of any energy psychology modality to become masterful in applying their chosen modality as it covers pretty much every area that emotional energy can be stuck.

1) Find a specific incident in you life where you can label the snapshot of that incident “_________________” (i.e. “I am angry with myself”).

2) On a scale of 0-10 I am angry at myself is a “6”. If I were to feel it in my body I’d feel it in the stomach area near the top like a buzzy pressure.

3) Fingers on heart…
Even though  -______________- … I totally and completely love and accept myself, my mind, my body, my personality and this feeling -______________- (anger with myself)

4) 1st eye point–focus on and feel the _______________ –take a deep breath in and let it out.
2nd eye point (side of eye)–repeat staying focused on the feeling, picture and/or thought “__________________”
3rd eye point (underneath the eye)–repeat
4th under nose–repeat
5th under mouth–repeat
7th–under arm-repeat
(Note the more you can focus on duplicating the feeling, picture and thought the easier it is to discreate all the roots, anchors, aka chords, etc. If there is only one thing to focus on it would be feeling the feeling, next is the picture and lastly the thought. Any combination of the three will also move the process along.)

5) Re-measure your sense of _______________ and if there is any charge or resistance left repeat the above process. Usually you can get the feeling sense to “0” in one to three rounds.

6) Next remember (or guess or speculate or imagine) the first time in your life you felt ______________. Find the snapshot that represents that first “__________________” and do the above process (Step 2) on it until the resistance/charge is “0”

7) Go inside and ask “Is there any resistance/opposition in me to resolving/solving this issue quickly?” If there is any resistance/opposition go to step two (Step 2) with the resistance/opposition. If not go to the next step.

8) Go inside and ask “Do I think this can be a problem in the future?” If yes Find it, Feel it and Measure it (Step 2).

9) Go inside and ask is there anyone I must forgive? If yes FFM (Step 2) If no go to…

10) Circular processing Is there anyone else involved in this issue/problem? If there is put your fingers on your heart and say I am no longer G, I am _______ (the next person involved) then go to Step 2 and do the process from their POV.

Repeat for every person involved in the issue.

End of process…………………..

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