Are You Tired of All The Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

15 to 30 Minutes A day Changing Your Self Talk Will Shift Your Identity And Allow You To Have EVERY Good Thing You Want!

Make The Law of Attraction Work For You


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What Do You Want, Right NOW?

  • Security
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Better Job
  • Easier Life
  • Better Relationships
  • The Love of Your Life
  • $$$$$$$
  • Safety
  • Never worry again
  • And anything else you can name.

Dear Friend,

Phil Clark writing to you for Dr. Vetter. So many people who know Dr. Vetter’s work have asked for these specific recordings. Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you probably have a specific problem and you WANT to solve it fast. I don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long sales letter. Let’s get down to the point shall we? Dr. Vetter KNOWS how to solve your problem of how to change your self talk so you can have every good thing you want because he was in your position before. Dr. Vetter was very frustrated back then as he could not find a PRACTICAL and FEASIBLE solution to solve the problem of changing self talk so you would no longer suffer from limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs like…

  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t have what it takes
  • I need more confidence
  • I can’t get them to like me
  • No one will help me
  • I’m not perfect enough
  • I’m a failure
  • I can’t succeed
  • I don’t know how
  • etc…

As a Master Hypnotist and a Modeler of Excellence Dr. Vetter has been able to help people change their limiting beliefs so they can live happier and better lives. But what about those who can’t afford to travel to see him or pay the normal rates to change someone’s self talk?Your self talk goes on outside of your conscious awareness most of the time and some of it is right at the edge of your conscious awareness. Every now and then you catch yourself and think where did that come from? The fact is your mind is so fast you have several streams of self talk going on at the same time.

Your self talk determines if you use the Law of Attraction against yourself or for yourself.


Dr. Vetter knows how your self talk works and he knows how to change it.



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Why is self talk so important?

Because there are things that you know in your ‘knower’ are true but you don’t remember them all the time. And shifting your self talk can change that in a dramatic and wonderful way. When you change your self talk the way Dr. Vetter’s going to help you it will improve and expand your identity to something way beyond where it is now and that’s a good thing.

Your Self Talk Has Had YOU Believe A Lie For Way To Long 

Believing this one lie…

  • cost you more than you know
  • You have heard others tell this one lie and agreed with them
  • You may have even said it yourself
  • At the very least you have thought this lie is true for you
  •  This lie has made life harder than it should have been for you
  •  It may have even kept you from going after whatever it is that you really want in life

And the lie is…

You can’t help it because…

“You’re ONLY Human!”

The ‘You’re ONLY Human” and “I’m ONLY Human’ lie has keep you from more of what you want and has caused you to work harder and longer than you really need to get what it is you do have. Even though mankind has done a lot of amazing stuff there is still a lot of places where more amazing stuff can show up if we realize the truth of the matter.

It’s now time to put an end to your suffering. It is time to stop the lie.

The Truth is…

“You Are More Than You Think You Are!”

Yes you are human and you are more than human. You are also divine, at the same time. You are not ONLY human you already are divine right now. What would happen if you changed your focus form “only human” to “divine human”? Don’t change any behaviors, don’t take any actions, don’t go out and do anything to prove to yourself that you are a divine human. Simply spend some time considering…

Your Real Identity


Using the “Your Real Identity” meditations and paraliminals for 15 to 30 minutes a day, you’ll begin changing your self talk which will shift your identity and allow you to have EVERY good thing you want.Imagine feeling…

  • Even though you are limited, you are also already unlimited
  • Even though you are finite, you are also already infinite
  • Even though you are temporary, you are also already eternal
  • Even though you are imperfect, you are also already perfect
  • Even though you are incomplete, you are also already complete

If you realized that you already are an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect, complete being how you feel about yourself would shift dramatically and you would feel secure and everything would change…

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

The actual truth is you already are an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect, complete being.

However, it has not been your every day experience. You may have been slightly aware of some of the truth of the above statement but it hasn’t been your experience because of the 2nd Forgotten Fundamental of Life. Energy flows, charges and builds where attention goes. In other words your self talk has pretty much entirely been focused on “I’m ONLY Human.” And your focus of attention has not been on who you really are. Your real identity is almost unknown to you.

 OK, I’m convinced I want to feel this way most of the time. I want to get my copy now!

 How Your Self Talk Works…Your self talk goes on at the edge of your consciousness and below. Every now and then you become aware of some of your self talk. But because there are numerous conversations going on in your head you miss most of your self talk. And because of this Dr. Vetter has designed  different morning and evening programs to change your self talk.

‘Your Real Identity’ Meditation and Paraliminal Program 
  • Meditation – Contemplation with no music
  • Am & PM Meditation with relaxation and music (self hypnosis – closed eye process)
  • AM & PM Paraliminal Meditation

These are not slow deep meditations because you want the shifts to happen in a way where you can get noticeable change in short 15 minute intervals. They are designed to naturally bring you to a medium alpha brain wave state where accelerated learning takes place. If you want the fastest change you want to use the Paraliminals because they work the way your self talk works.

Warning: DO NOT listen to any of these recordings while operating heavy machinery (i.e. while driving). Headphones are recommended

“Your Real Identity” Meditation with no music is for those who like to savor the words without any extra stimuli. So you can hear just the words, savor them and say yes to every single word. When you feel yes to every word it becomes more your everyday identity.

“Your Real Identity” Meditation with music is for those who like to really get into an alternate state. It is a cross between self-hypnosis and meditation. Very relaxing as it changes your self talk on a natural level.

“Your Real Identity” Paraliminal Meditation is designed to work exactly like your self talk operates. It had multi-voices at different places throughout the process just as the multiple self talk voices go on in your head. It also has music in the background to help blend it all together. The fastest way to get the results you want.With the paraliminal meditation sometimes you will catch all the different voices, sometime only one voice and sometimes you catch one voice and then another.

OK, Dr. Vetter is not going to charge his normal rate of $300 per session for these recordings even though they are priceless because of what they will do to your life. Instead of charging you for 5 different sessions ($1500) he is not going to charge you the price of one session. How about for the complete “Your Real Identity” Meditation and Paraliminal Program your investment is just $99. But wait… (I know that sounds like one of those infomercial guys)

I asked Dr. Vetter if we could give as an introductory thank you price and he agreed. The introductory thank you price is  only $39. And you do want to hurry and get “Your Real Identity” Meditation and Paraliminal Program now because Dr. Vetter usually energy test to see what the best price is for the product and it tested $99. So take advantage of the introductory thank you price of $39 now before the price is raised back up.

“What others are saying…”


Before working with Dr. Vetter: My life was defined by a pronounced, regular mood swing into an extreme depression. When I was not depressed, I just tried to get as much done as I could so that I would be supported when it happened again. I avoided making commitments because I couldn’t count on myself to be “up to it” emotionally. Now: I am on an even keel, learning to trust myself to be reliable and predictable. I can make plans in the future now that I know I will be fine! I am also more active day-to-day and not pushing myself into over-productive behaviors just because I am having “a good day”. Thank you Dr. Vetter! Lorriane D.,


Phil Clark

PS. Remember, it’s not going to cost you $1500 or $300 or even the energy tested price of $99 right now, if you want to change your self talk so that you no longer suffer and get the law of attraction to work for you and be happier by the day with things working smoother, faster and more naturally for you, you want to get this now.

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